Ford E-350 Tech Mount

Hello everyone! This project is going to cover building a custom technology mounting plate on the dash of my Ford e-350 van. I was inspired to do this as there is no really great place to hold my phone or GPS. It is built from a thin piece of aluminum and screwed into the plastic tabs of the dash. There are two Ram ball mounts and a GoPro mount to film travel clips in the future.

The stock dash tray

The above tray is not terrible but the coin tray is pointless and asking to get broken into if you use it to store money. I have a small LED/Reset button that was installed for my alarm system to contend with, you will probably not.

The tray removed and whats behind it, note the clip placements

There are 6 clips holding the tray in, I used a very small flat head screwdriver to undo these. Be patient and try not to scratch your dash, if you are worried there are specific tools available to undo these clips made of plastic. Behind the tray you’ll find a wiring harness plug in a dummy slot. removed this and stuff it back in the dash.

Fitting the cardboard template

I used the tray to trace out the size on a piece of cardboard. The face is rounded so it is a bit tricky to get a good trace so I ended up cutting it to fit right to the dash after getting close to the size. Using some painters tape on the aluminum sheet to mark the shape from the cardboard template and then cutting it out with a jigsaw.

Marked out and drilling

Using a bench top disc and belt sander I cleaned up the edges and shaped the corners of the plate. Next was to layout the Ram mount plates and GoPro mount, along with the holes for the mount screws and alarm LED.

Test fit after doing all the drilling and shaping

After a test fit it was time to paint it up using some gloss black metal paint. Once that dried I bolted the ram mounts on and stuck on the GoPro mount. I pre-drilled into the plastic mount tabs through the holes and used some small screws to secure it. Adding the ram arms with Quad lock phone mount and GPS and the project is complete!

ready to be mounted

This has streamlined my devices greatly and is completely universal and adjustable in almost endless ways. I highly recommend you give it a try for yourself! Even if you don’t own the same vehicle as me there is likely a way to build something similar for your vehicle.

The finished product
All loaded up

Happy making!

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